Pollen count and Global warming.

So from last weeks blog post, I talked about pollen count in atlanta. ranting for a full 300 hundred words that simply  ended with a “pollen is real high atlanta and I have no idea why” well after class last week I started thinking since the rise of atlanta pollen count is growing it had to be something having to do with the human population. usually with pheonominons like this it has to be some outside addition in to the echo system or else they kind of thing would pop in other places rice?

“Climate change could cause pollen counts to more than double over the next 30 years, according to an ongoing Rutgers University study.”

that statement alone doesn’t sound as chilling as “climate change will flood the ocean” or “better get that spf 5000 because this c02 isn’t going anywhere. the implications are far more than light though. Pollen, a harmless yellow dust from far away but to humans it means hours of sneezing, wheezing and other wise a bad time. to some people it means not being able to wear contacts, avoiding the outside, and not being able to enjoy the nice spring air. to others it can mean a constant threat of asthma attack and other breathing based problems.

“As you increase CO2, it tells the allergenic plants to produce more pollen to the tune of three to four times more, and the pollen itself, we think, may actually be more potent” 

Higher pollen counts aren’t just uncomfortable for allergy sufferers — since allergies can trigger asthma attacks, higher pollen counts and earlier pollen releases can have serious implications for those suffering from asthma, and could even be connected to the global rise of asthma cases.

As the climate warms and springs and summers become longer, allergy seasons in fall, spring and summer could extend as well, exacerbating allergy symptoms. When allergy sufferers have no respite from symptoms, it makes them more prone to serious allergy attacks than if they had had a break between seasons.

now usually we don’t feel the affects of climate change so suddenly but in this case it’s hitting us head on.


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