Orcas in Captivity

Blackfish was first introduced to me through a friend. She felt so strongly about it that she felt that she must share it with everyone she knew. This surprised me as she isn’t the type of who would recommend movies let alone documentaries. I’ve seen Blackfish about three times now and every single time I can’t help but support the film’s message 100%. The documentary captures the real happenings behind Seaworld’s fancy orca and dolphin flips and tricks. Just like my friend, the film made me want to spread the message to everyone I knew. I eagerly offered to watch it with another friend who was reluctant. The documentary snags our attention from the beginning and never lets go.

While it was bad enough that they kidnapped young orcas from their families in the first place, I think the most ridiculous thing that Seaworld ever did was breeding the orcas with Tilikum’s DNA. Tilikum has shown aggressive behavior to his trainers so many times. Dogs were domesticated from the wild wolves by selecting the most friendly and obedient. When comparing these two methods together, Seaworld seems to be in such a rush to make more money that they have thrown all logic out of the window. Aggressive acts of orcas towards humans in captivity is a huge amount compared to in the wild (over 100 cases in captivity compared to 1 in the wild). This is probably due to the fact that humans and orcas have almost no reason to run into each other in the wild. Even if they do, the orcas will probably not feel the need to relieve their stress by being aggressive. It’s so irritating that even the trainers are told lies to tell the public and that Seaworld’s donations for conservation amount to five cents per ticket. These animals were built to swim long distances DAILY in the wild. It’s like putting humans in a tiny room without anyone or anything else inside for the rest of our lives.



2 thoughts on “Orcas in Captivity

  1. I completely agree with you that the fact that sea world breading with Tilikum’s DNA was a very stupid move, and your comparison to how they bread dogs by selecting the most well tempered ones is 100% accurate. Sea World is a corporation, so naturally they are more concerned with money however they are very exploitative of these wild animals, what got to me more was even after they breaded these whales with Tilikum they then took the baby and shipped it to other parks was beyond stupid. Not only are they sending other parks violent cubs, this isn’t just DNA this is something that is added to by the stress of being torn away from their parents at a young age both in the wild and the park.They are responsible for this and all the deaths of trainers and this should not be something that is still allowed to happen today. This is something i also watched with my roommates so i agree that it is a message worth sharing.

  2. I thought it was an interesting comment when you said putting these captive animals in a tank would be like putting a human inside a room alone for the rest of their lives. As humans we often times don’t think of the consequences to our actions. It might produce a positive outcome to draw parallels like this more often, as it could open the eyes of many people who are ignorant to certain subjects.

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