No Impact Man

This was a really awesome documentary and I give them so much credit for taking this challenge especially living in New York City. I definitely don’t think the wife could have managed to do it without her husband constantly pushing her and motivating her (sometimes with his “wrath”, she called it) to keep going and trying. Although they both cheated I believe they lived the best they could and definitely made the best of the situation they put themselves in to experiement this idea of not impacting the environment.

Threw out this experience they received a lot of negative feedback and I’m sure their biking probably pissed off a bunch of city drivers, just like Michelle was saying how she felt about bikers before she became one of them. It is great though how their friends still came over and supported them through these big stages in their life and I think they understood that whether it was going to stay that strict that it would in fact change their friends lives forever.

I think that Michelle was definitely affected the most, little Bella is just so damn cute its sickening, she was just okay with everything mommy and daddy were doing and that was so great. Poor Michelle on the other hand was definitely not having fun in the beginning and yes there were times that she would have her caffeine break downs, but she overcame it and overcame her diabetes. I feel she grew out of being a typical New York Shopper that we think about and came full circle into a life she never thought she would actually enjoy. Only thing that could have made it better for her is if she got her way of having another baby. This is definitely a very inspiring story and something to keep in mind as we go about our daily lives, if they can do without all of it, we can go without some of it. We just have to find that one thing and go for it.

I really wish I could find information on this little family now and see what they are doing since the project happened 2007-2008 and the documentary is 2009. I wonder what habits they have gained or lost in the last 6 years. Though I couldn’t find anything on them, Colin has a public figure facebook page with really cute videos of Bella and I happened to stumble on this picture of him that I thought was fun, so decided to add it on



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