Hot New Dance called “Global Wobbling”

After watching the latest episode on Climate Change on the Daily Show, a lot of confusion and sadness has befallen my brain.
It’s funny to see all these “brains” on the United States House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology talk about these different theories of our planet not actually going through, what is common scientific knowledge and proof, global warming. In fact, a few of these members had the nerve to call it “Global Wobbling”which is defined as the Earths tilt and rotation, or something similar.

Stop the Global Wobbles

Stop the Global Wobbles

I just find it hilarious that we are given hard evidence of actual global warming taking place, right now and yet scientists and politicians want to define it as something completely new and never heard of. Why is common sense so hard to have or even find when it comes to this? Someone really asked, “At what point is C02 harmful to humans”. And there I am thinking…”try inhaling just C02 and responding to that, if you can then you’re some sort of bio-engineered mechanical human” because in all reality, an elementary school kid could tell some of these members why C02 is hurtful to us. It gets even better though when they try to explain that the melting of the glaciers will have no effect on sea levels, thus global warming. They say that the melting water of the ice will not add to the sea levels because “it’s already in the water”. I mean really? How stupid can you be? Most glaciers are above the water, floating (as a land mass). If the ice slides off then it is not melting in the water but adding to.
It’s the little things that count, apparently. It’s the lack of common sense and simplicity that will kill us, more than anything else.Elementary Level


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