Global Warming in Alaska

I want to talk about the global warming in Alaska. First of all, Global Warming is the increase in the average temperature of the Earths atmosphere and its oceans, a change that is changing the Earths climate.

In Guatemala we don’t have glaciers or snow, so seeing one for the first time in Alaska was very impressive for me. But what really surprised me was the ranger  of the tour talking about global changing and seeing pictures of how the glaciers were years before and how they are now.

I think that until we see the impact that global changing is having in our world with our own eyes we will never do something about it. I researched some charts that show how the glaciers are melting throughout the years and it is very concerning.

Here is an example of how a global warming is affecting the glaciers in Alaska.


The decline of Pedersen glacier in Kenai Fjords Park, Alaska. In the past years, Alaska was covered in ice and now we see that parts that were supposed to have ice, dosen’t have ice anymore. The image above is from 2005 and if that was the scenario, now at 2015, 10 years later, it is probably with no ice at all.

 This chart shows the progression of melting of the glaciers in Alaska from 1984-2006.


When I was there, we would walk through the forest and we see streams of water running down from the glaciers, and that was the glacier melting, and this was a problem because those rivers destroyed animals habitats and it affected the ecosystem. A bird eye view of a glacier and how it is melting is this one:


I think we should all be aware of global warming and that it exists and we should take care of our planet for ourselves and future generations.



One thought on “Global Warming in Alaska

  1. Everyone knows the phrase, “You have to see it to believe it”, and I think some people stick much too strictly to this when it comes to environmental conservation. Just because climate change isn’t flashing bright red in front of their eyes, they don’t accept it. So it’s great that you mention your sighting of melting glaciers. People in the more southern states hear the term “global warming” and hear about the melting polar ice caps, but neither are visible in ice-less areas. I wonder if Alaskans are more understanding of climate change and dedicated to eco-friendly solutions? Even photographs and videos can be altered. It’s much stronger evidence when you can see the effects of global warming right before your eyes.

    People also must realize that melting ice is not the only result of climate change. Habitats are changing. Ecosystems are declining. Recently I was looking through old photographs from my childhood, several taken in my backyard in Pennsylvania. The foliage and vegetation are so lush – everything is green, blooming, and the entire yard is in shade from the thick cover. Standing in my backyard today, it feels like an entirely different place. So much vegetation has vanished and what’s left looks rather pathetic in comparison to the photographs. And this is scary. I didn’t even notice it happening because it was such a gradual change. It wasn’t until I looked back at photographs from fifteen or so years ago that I visually saw the decline. This is why I think it’s so important to teach people that they need to take care of the “future” just as much as the “present”.

    -Brenna Thummler

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