Exploring Green Technologies

Green Technologies are much more pricey however they are perfectly manageable and can reduce our impact on climate change.  Tanzania is a country where this was proved for the longest time, the country was primarily run on hydro-electric power. And faired well from when TANESCO (Tanzanian Electric Supply Company) set up its initial company in 1964. TANESCO works on a grid system that spreads from regions of Kagera, Kigoma, Rukwa, Ruvma & Mtwara. Up until TANESCO 1992 the hydro-electric company was unchallenged until Tanzania lifted the policy that stopped private sector  involvement in the electricity industry, which opened up the markets to gas production as a source of power. This was because for years there were problems with the system of hydroelectric power as the only source of electricity, there were sections of the city that are without electricity for weeks and the other side of the city would have electricity, it was rationed according to the region, and this still happens today. Another thing that fascinates me is the fact that in countries such as here people have become so comfortable with their use of electricity, that it is hard for them to give it up. In Tanzania people are used to having no electricity most of the time and this forces them to spend more time outside, and they spend many more days out and about with the community rather than inside watching TV. This is because Tanzania is really close to the equator and although we have huge amounts of rainfall during the “winter” which is usually around June, there are also extreme droughts in the late months of the year. The climate change has impacted the hydroelectric dam system, in 2004 there was an extreme drought in Tanzania and the nation ended up turning to other sources of electricity as there was no water coming into the dam to produce any energy.

The history of small hydropower in Tanzania goes all the way back to the colonial era, where most of the operational small hydropower plants were installed with the help of church missionaries. Forty-five sites with a total installed, only a portion of those are active today. Although it is not an entirely successful story it shows that it can be done if handled correctly.


One thought on “Exploring Green Technologies

  1. I think this is a great idea that America should take into consideration (although they wouldn’t because, how would they make their money) because we are always complaining how america is full of fat and lazy people, I bet if we were on an electrical circuit, people wouldn’t pend so much time inside on their electronics and they would go out and do something.

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