Israel: Flood Grounds or Desert Dry? but mostly CORAL REEF BLEACHING


Climate change seems to be the largest issue in humanities today. The video we watched on thursday actually made me wake up and realize I do not know what’s going on in the world as much as I used to. I have been watching TED talk and listening to MPR as a result haha. Now, as I began this post I realized that there are plenty of problems in America regarding Climate Change, but what about else where? We aren’t the only ones on this planet.

My boyfriend is from Israel and I am learning more about the culture and what not there so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to post about climate issues in Israel/ the Middle East. For research purposes, most of the information I found was all in the metric system.

First, the mean temperature of Israel increases 1.8 degrees C every year and the precipitation percentage decreases up to 6 percent each year. If this continues it is predicted that the Mediterranean ecosystems in Israel, Palestine and Jordan would become more desert-like. Environmental effects would include: severe water shortages, droughts and floods, and coral reed bleaching.

Going off topic for a minute to dig further into coral reef bleaching. When I read this it intrigued me because of all that we have learned about the importance of coral reefs and the videos we’ve seen on them.

Coral reef bleaching is in fact a climate change-induced threat. When you hear coral reef bleaching you probably imagine bleached white pieces of chipped away coral. Well you’d be right! First, corals get their brilliant colors from algae that live in their tissues sharing resources. The algae provides food to the coral reefs due to the production of carbohydrates during photosynthesis. The problem is that coral reefs have a limited temperature range in which they can live, survive, and thrive in. When the summers are too hot the corals can become stressed (yes corals stress out just as much as us) and they are more likely to start bleaching.

The main issue with this is that coral reefs house several species in the ocean. Plenty of little sea creatures call these reefs home. They also protect shorelines. So without these coral reefs species would be forced to adapt to find different places to live. This in turn could cause species to die out or decrease in population due to the lack of home or more exposure for predators to hunt them down.

All this occurs due to the increase in sea temperature due to climate change. However, just like stress causes our bodies to do weird things, stress is a big factor in  coral reef bleaching as well. Storms, bright sunlight, and disease are just a couple of large factors. As usual ways to help these coral reefs would be ways to prevent pollution which would prevent the increase of climate change, Using natural transportation like walking, biking, long-boarding would be ways even people furthest from the coast could help this cause.

Sorry for the huge jumps in topics I just became much more interested in the coral reef bleaching because we live by the water.


One thought on “Israel: Flood Grounds or Desert Dry? but mostly CORAL REEF BLEACHING

  1. This really is a sad topic, I think its awesome that we as humans are finding other ways to replace them, though it doesn’t help the balance of nature much. Last year in ecology of water we did our final projects on this subject, and our teacher showed us a video about humans making cement coral like systems giving fish a place to fide from predators and also a place for coral to grow onto.

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