Acting Now To Change The Future



Climate change is potentially one of humanities biggest issue to date. Yet, the fact there are still a minority of people whom believe it is a sham is rather baffling. This issue is something that we may not experience at the moment, but will eventually accumulate to a drastic and destructive effect. The clip shown in the Jon Stewart show clearly demonstrates the obvious ignoring of the subject to retain political power. Thankfully, there are various creative ways in which we can save the planet, as the TED talk video demonstrates.

The commentary done by Jon Stewart on The United States House of Committee of Science Space and Technology appropriately illustrates the bigotry towards analyzing the scientific findings that support the reason of global warming. I do believe that from the video, the politicians do not actually believe in what they are saying to dispute why global warming exists. Like Jon Stewart pointed out, people such as Larry Buschon are backed by large energy companies such as Murray Energy, Koch Enterprises, and Peabody Energy (courtesy of, illustrates the frustrating lack of trust within the committee whom hold the political power to change ways. As I stated in class, I believe there needs to be more transparency how whom is sponsoring these politicians. There are methods of finding this information, yet I believe that the media should clearly identify the corporations that are backing the politicians when they are promoting what they believe in. This should increase the trust or at least inform the citizens so that we can make better judgments, and should make the political party more progressive rather than stagnant. We do not always have to rely upon a change in the political landscape though, changes that we do can have a large impact towards humanities carbon footprint.

Like the TED talk states, climate change has affected the weather with various adverse effects. Rather than to revert out mistakes, we should look towards the future on how we can sustain our ecosystem with newer designs and technology. One large issue with changing the infrastructure to sustain harsher and more unpredictable weather changes, is the cost of implementing them. Various third world countries simple do not have the capital to drastically change the design of their architecture. Yet, if everyone does small tasks on a daily basis like recycling and only using energy when needed is an integral piece in sustaining our ecosystem. Small tasks is just as important towards changing design to become more eco-conscious.  With solar panels and efficient methods of utilizing resuming rainwater, this could not only benefit our ecosystem reducing the financial payments from electricity bills.

Overall, there are various ways that we can sustain our ecosystem by combating climate change. Simply ignoring the facts and its existence can have an adverse effect. Hence, more trust and transparency with the political party can benefit the progression of inventing new and forward thinking solutions.


2 thoughts on “Acting Now To Change The Future

  1. I love learning about climate change and government related issues through different types of news outlets! comedy, ted talks and even Facebook all offer a more digestible version of the news that can sometimes get very dry and you can struggle to keep interest. I find that I get most of this kind of info from non-traditional sources (i guess we should start calling the news a non-traditional source).

    • Yes, I believe the different forms of outlets are a nice method to share knowledge. TED Talks and comedy that focus on current social issues are a nice method that eases people into analyzing them. I’m also very excited to see Trevor Noah hosting the Daily Show.

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