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Compared to many classmates, I felt as if I was one of the only people who didn’t feel such an attachment to dolphins. I will say that I felt disgusted and what they were doing was cruel, but I’m pretty sure people wouldn’t be saying that spearing regular fish is cruel. Maybe this is because we regard the fish as food perhaps? Someone did mention that we care about them because they’re intelligent, but I don’t see why intelligence plays a factor here because pigs are known to be very intelligent as well. I felt a little frustrated as to why people weren’t focusing on the fact that this activity had a negative effect to those around them because of the radiation levels in the meat compared to whether it was a painful experience for the dolphins or not. Why do we care so much about dolphins in particular? What happened to chickens, pigs, and cows? I realize that we’ve been brought up all of our lives with the perception of these animals as food and maybe this is why many of us were focusing on whether the dolphin massacre was moral or not. However, those who have watched the Food Inc. documentary will agree that the overall process of collecting food for humans isn’t moral in the 21st century. The documentary proved itself to be extremely successful in persuading the audience by telling us about the intelligence of dolphins. Our empathy towards the dolphins continue to grow as the documentary shows clips that make us feel bad for these animals.

All in all, I agree with the fact that this is wrong. However, I don’t feel this way because of how cute or intelligent these animals are, but rather the fact that these animals have extremely high levels of radiation. This is harmful for the people in Japan who have no idea that this is happening.

An interesting fact I learned from the documentary is that dolphins are able to end their life by stopping their breathing. The documentary reminded me of Blackfish, a documentary about Orcas in captivity (mostly in Seaworld) and how this is extremely unhealthy for the Orcas and also dangerous to humans as well.

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  1. Fair point, i agree with the comparison that pigs are highly intelligent yet we do not revere them in the same manor as dolphins. The documentary did do a good job at capturing empathy but i agree that there should have been more emphasis on the fact that the meat is harmful due to the radiation levels, and that the Japanese people are unaware of how unhealthy it is to consume what is mis-labeled as what meat. All animals deserve equal treatment and not just the cute ones, however i agree that there is no morality to collecting food for humans in the 21st century.

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