The Cove Reaction


When I first learned what The Cove was about, it really wasn’t anything new to me exactly. As a little kid, I had learned about whaling and the like and I knew that it was illegal, but I figured that that stuff happens and accepted it as something that I couldn’t really change and went on with my day. However, after watching The Cove, I genuinely felt different. I felt anger towards those that were killing the dolphins so cruelly and I felt joy and pride when the footage was revealed at that conference gathering. The Cove did everything a good documentary is supposed to do: present the information, and convince the viewer of the angle it’s presenting. In this case, that mass dolphin killing is happening in a small town in Japan and that people are trying everything to stop it from happening.

One part of the documentary that surprised me and made me upset was that the people that were killing the dolphins seemed heartless, unsympathetic, and even proud of what they were doing. How can someone take pride in killing a beautiful creature like that? But I appreciate that later on, they interviewed normal Japanese people and they were completely unaware that this was even happening.

Even though I agreed with the documentary and everything it stood for, I also couldn’t help but notice the emotional queues that occurred as well. For example, during the “chase scenes”, the lighting would change and there would be ominous music. Also, during the night scenes when they were planting the cameras, it was completely silent, adding tension. Also, at the end when the footage of the Cove was played, there was grand, victorious music playing as well. Even though the documentary did its job, I can’t help but feel a little bit cheated that small things like lighting and music can have such a great affect on the viewer. But, the same can be said for all motion picture programs.


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