the Cove reflection.

I think human treat animals badly in general. For domesticated animals, humans treat their biological needs such as food, water, and immunity from diseases, but completely disregard their psychological needs such as mother-child bonding and happiness. Although their population outnumbers that of wild animals and even humans, their quality of life greatly suffers. For wild animals that are not endangered, I think human use them as humans see fit and treat them at their convenience.The documentary portrays how dolphins are victims of human maltreatment, and are being abused for economic purposes.This act is especially heinous when we are aware of their cognitive ability and their capability to suffer not only physically but mentally and emotionally. Causing unnecessary harm for our selfish reason is something that should be prohibited to human and animal subjects. I think the Cove documentary is really well made documentary. The reason is that I was able to concentrate the whole time watching this documentary. Usually I lose interest or fall asleep when I watch documentaries, but Cove was different. I was able to focus on the topic, and I feel that the documentary is able to grab attention of other audience as well.


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