Making A Difference One Fin at a Time


Dolphins have always been a creature that we find cute and want to protect. As discussed in class we tend to want to protect things that are appealing to us. Dolphins are the creatures that always smile. Or so it seems.

The Cove was incredibly educational about the dolphin slaughter happening right now on the other side of the world. I was unaware of this tragedy and feel compelled to help correct this awful practice. Being a lover of the ocean and all it contains, seeing these innocent creatures murdered for game broke my heart. Hearing that these activists went to such extreme measures to save the dolphins that they were imprisoned shocked me. I have never seen anyone so dedicated to a cause before, but maybe that’s just because I have really never seen anyone fight for something hard enough for that to happen. Listening to the scientists and the activists talk so passionately about these sea creatures got the wheels in my brain turning. What other groups are out there that are trying to right the wrong as well as these brave men and women?

I went and researched groups that are out in the world that are trying to prevent this slaughter from occurring. Some of these organizations included: Save Japan Dolphins: An Island Institute Project, Dolphin Dance Project, and the Ric O’Barry Dolphin Project.

The organization that stood out to me the most was the Save Japan Dolphins project. I read through their website for all that it was worth. Not only does the group keep you up to date on the latest occurrences of violence towards dolphins, you can write a letter to the prime minister of Japan stating your outrage that this slaughter is occurring and put your two cents in to help the cause. The website also had links to articles pertaining to the conservation of fellow sea creatures such as the beluga whale and the down fall of Sea World.

As I was searching through the website, I came across an article titled “Lives in Captivity: The Truth Behind the Dolphin Smile”. This peaked my interest after bringing up the haunting fact that dolphins might be smiling on the outside but are dieing on the inside. The link took me to the article which began to explain zoo’s and aquarium’s part in the aiding of dolphin ¬†captivity. WAZA, or the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, has over 13000 members. Within these organizations there are these programs called dolphinariums that specifically house captive dolphins. Now not all of these dolphinariums are as bad to the dolphins as the tragedies in Japan, but while saying that there are a frightening 500 dolphins held captive in over 50 dolphinariums in Japan alone. The website has a petition people can sign that urges WAZA to stop supporting these dolphinariums, as well as the number you can call to give them a piece of your mind.

As much as I learned watching this documentary it truly saddened me knowing that so little can result from so much effort. I know there is hope though seeing so many different organizations aiding in the cease of this horrible act of slaughter.


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