The Cove

So in the haze of having Alpha due, I completely forgot about what the movie The Cove was about. from the other movies we had watched in BioDiversity I thought it was going to be realistically toned, hopeful but pointing out the obvious flaws with the ay we run things in the enviorment around us. To my surprise though I was met with a grim toned Movie on an issue I was not aware of. not that animal abuse of this nature is news to me, I’ve never truely been down with the idea of dolphins and whales in captivity as well as many other mammals (elephants) . I mean if the animals are happy it’s one thing but if they’re treated as simple play things with little to no reguard for their happiness it’s another thing.

I had heard before the infamy of sea world and their treatment of the whales (pretty much only centered around the whales) and their lack of proper care of the large animals but I’ll admit I was unaware of the harsh upkeep dolphins are given. as I watched the film, I started remembering just why I’ve always felt slightly uncomfortable with animal shows in general. having been on plenty of echo tours and other such wild excursion, I’ve been used to seeing animals do they’re own thing interacting with their surrounding and behaving in which they were programmed to. so to take that observation and apply it to a scripted show in which animals flip, twirl and trot around, it’s always been weird.

Some animals are fine with human care and interaction which is why they’re domesticated and depend on human care and affection. Animals of a certain level of intelligence and devolpment are not meant to be manipulated by us though. Dolphins, whales and large sharks being just a few of them. There is no way we can replicate the condition in which they’ve been adapted to thrive in, and we wonder why they’re so quick to die or get sick when they’re in captivity.


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