The Cove

This was a really depressing documentary for me to watch. It was also the first time I watched it as well and it was really shocking. I really appreciate the effort that those activists put in. They risked their lives for those dolphins and when I learned that someone even got murdered ( Blackfish) I was really upset and angry. Those people should be fed to wild sharks honestly. I know that human is always greedy and have a short vision. People always want the profit right away and willing to do everything for that profit. They don’t take time to invest in the future; it would not be a surprise for me to see human slowly dying and eventually extinct if things keep going this way. Imagine that earth is a small house we live in, with some livestocks some water and vegetable and a tree. If we kill all the stock to sell to other people and drink all the water without reserving them and cut down the tree for wood we would end up living in an empty house and have nothing left to feed on. That’s what we are doing with our planet, and obviously we only have one planet to live and we’re acting like we have hundreds of them. No, if we destroy this planet we die with it too. Human’s nature is just too…stupid in my opinion. We called ourselves the most intelligent animal on this planet yet we’re the only one acting like bunch of idiots. I hope those japanese guys will be stopped and arrest in the future honestly, India already make it illegal to capture and danger Dolphins they also consider dolphins and whales as Non-human person. That’s a great news and I do hope this ¬†movement will spread out the whole word.

I was working at Mote Marines on Monday and I saw two 2 wild dolphins and a manatee play around in the sea right in front of me and I think it was beautiful such a shame that many of them are being locked in prisons so called “Sea World”


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