It’s “Our Culture”

The cove has got to be one of the saddest documentaries I have ever seen. It is a story about a small town, Taiji, Japan, that makes it’s living off of dolphin slaughter.

Ric_O'Barry_at_the_Cove_in_Taiji,_Japan_2014Ric O’Barry is the man known to have caught and trained the dolphins used during the show, Flipper. It wasn’t the death of one of them in his arms that he decided that these animals aren’t to be kept in captivity. And so his journey began, freeing dolphins wherever he could and releasing them into the wild.

When presented with the problem in Taiji, Japan, O’Barry found himself traveling there and figuring out what exactly they were doing. Upon arrival, the police stopped him questioning what he was doing and asking if he was OPS (Oceanic Preservation Society). After claiming he was there on vacation they let him go, but kept an eye on him. He later approached a bay/cove area and was immediately told to get away. His mission was to figure out what they were doing with the dolphins that ended up caught in the bay. For this he recruited a special ops team of friends; to do reconnaissance of the cove area.

Over the course of the documentary, the Japanese were asked why they would do such a cruel thing as slaughter dolphins and they said, “It’s our culture” and “Pest control”. The CoveLike I said in class, that’s a load of garbage. They sell a live dolphin for $150,000 and a dead one is worth $600. Every year 23,000 dolphins are captured. They’re consciously killing dolphins with no regrets. They sell dolphin meat, to which the people in Tokyo, and Kyoto said, “What? Dolphin meat? People eat that?”.

Clearly the Japanese government doesn’t care about this issue and is doing nothing about it, in fact, they support it. Something needs to be done to stop this. We need more rule breakers like Ric O’Barry to step up and take control of situations like these.

It’s not for us, rather for the dolphins and our planet.


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