The Cove Response

Perri Specter



The Cove Response

There’s a lot of concerns I had with this documentary; and when I say concerns I mean to reference the profane sense of morality that these people claim to be justifiable. I’m not obsessed with dolphins and clearly these Japanese people aren’t either; but how these principles of smutty and bloody murder try to be voted accepted during the meetings in Taiji Japan just drain away my sanity. This documentary was so powerful on so many levels. It enrages me, so, it certainly did its job. And it definitely exploited these “fishermen” for their crude acts of slaughter and how mentally disabled they are. And it wasn’t only the massive killings of dolphins but also how shady Japan’s government can be. I can’t believe that they were willing to sell intoxicated dolphin meat to school’s which were then distributed to children. It’s almost pure evil and makes me want to refuse to believe that a god even exists. Ontop of all of this, I am shocked to hear that the slaughters are still taking place annually. The idea of this brings me to tears, and I could barely watch the stabbings and the sea water turn into a murky red color of death. I am definitely going to try and donate to any company that serve to destroy this profanity and spread the word.


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