Response To Documentary

The documentary The Cove had a deep and lasting impression on me, and caused me to become aware of the prominent issue that is the mass murder of dolphins in japan. This seemingly senseless killing obviously had a strong impact on every individual of our biodiversity class here at Ringling. While viewing these images can be difficult, it was a somewhat pleasant fact that many in the class expressed compassion for the subject. I am personally glad that the constant violence fed to the public through the modern media has not completely desensitized us humans, and that we can still feel empathy towards those affected by such violence. While this is most definitely a good thing, at the same time it concerns me that the same compassion is not felt towards all living creatures on this earth. Just because cows are raised on farms for the sole purpose of producing food for humans doesn’t make their murders any less horrifying than the murder of dolphins in Japan. Some might argue that the killing of livestock is easier to stomach than the killing of a species facing the possibility of extinction, but in reality it is the same crime made against this earth. Some individuals in class brought up the point that as humans, we subconsciously create an emotional connection to creatures that have similar facial features as humans, such as the dolphins in the documentary we viewed. I strongly believe the challenge at hand is to move passed these subconscious connections, and begin to care for all animals and creatures of this earth. Whether they are big or small, insect or mammal, I think it is important to show concern for all living things that exist on this planet. If we begin to pick and choose which ones to care for, then we as humans have missed the point entirely.


One thought on “Response To Documentary

  1. I definitely agree with you, the idea to care for all animals and not just the “cute” ones. I am still on the fence about cows and meat processing. I am still thinking it is ok to kill the cow because we are eating it but nevertheless, there are many opinions on it. But also, I can extend this issue to one very very controversial topic here in the united states which is Abortion. We must care about life that comes in every form and in every state, and abortion is also an issue that seems to be overlooked and thinking that killing unborn babies is not murder. I don’t understand why people have this claim for it.

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