Dolphin catch update

After watching the cove in class i was wondering what the current situation is in Taiji! An article published just last week gave a great overview on what is now happening in the place where the famous documentary was filmed. Apparently the numbers are severely declining and the hunters are getting desperate. This past hunting season they brought in 80 precent less than the year before. there are several reasons that this might be happening. the most obvious would be the overfishing in the are (in recent years they have continued to see declines). Another reason my be the fact that recently the hunters have surprisingly been releasing a select few back into the water after capture to try to spark regeneration of the population. The hunters are idiots who don’t realize the complexity and intelligence of the dolphin and that this release could be worse for them and the dolphins in the end.

We understand that dolphins do a great deal of communicating with each other and can feel stress just as we do. After the trauma of being bearded and having most of their close friends and family killed off that unarguably causes strain and trauma for the released dolphins. these released dolphins have been found to wash back up on shore dead after being let back into the water. Some also say that the release allows the dolphins to send out cries of distress warning other groups to stay away. In the end this just torchere the dolphins even further and also hurts the hunters stock.

The hunters have recently had more hardship as there is becoming farr less demand for dolphin meat because of the high levels of mercury and the public awareness that has stemmed from the documentary. Demand for the meat had been cut in half!

Although it is sad that there are less dolphins around the area we can all home that they are just taking a different route around japan. But more importantly hopefully the hunters will be forced out of their jobs.



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