Group Projects

I thought the group project exercise provided students with the creative freedom to inform the audience about what we pleased in the realm of biology in Florida, a freedom that is important to every artist. This project gave each and every individual of the class the ability to express their opinions and emotions about native florid ion biological topics, through relating facts and information. I was pleased when this project was presented to us, and my partner and I chose to focus on a subject matter that was relevant to him and his homeland of China. Although finning is not a drastic problem here in the state of Florida, it is still a highly important subject in the world that often goes undressed by the public. Not only this, but it affect my group partner, Sam Lam, personally. This gruesome crime affects the environment in an extremely harmful way, as does any mass killing of a certain species. Every species, every living creature, serves a purpose in this world to maintain a healthy and fully functional eco system, and with the excessive killing of sharks for human consumption, this begins to threaten the environment and the ecosystem in China as a whole. The thought of humans viscously murdering and harvesting these living creatures just for their fins to make soup is a terrible, unpleasant thought. Yet, these killings are often overlooked by  citizens and every day people. Perhaps, as someone mentioned in class today, it is due to the face that us humans don’t necessarily have an emotional connection with sharks, due to their somewhat ugly appearance. It is a sad fact that often times, humans will not have any compassion for an animal or living creature that is being harmed if it is not “cute”, or if their is no emotional connection. Some people began to cry viewing the documentary of the Dolphins being slaughtered. I do not want to cast judgement on any one, but there is definitely an emotional connection between humans and dolphins due to their soft and inviting facial features. Yet, if someone sees a cockroach crawling around inside their room, their immediate instinct is to kill it and get rid of it. The general point I am trying to make is that we all are creatures that belong and live on this planet, and we should all be treated equally. No creature is above another.


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