School Supplies for Ocean Awareness

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For our project, Luiza, Xime and I wanted to create something that would give kids an introduction to the issues involved with the ocean and how humanity takes care of it. We decided that designing a line of school supplies would be beneficial to middle school students because it’s something that they would be exposed to on a day to day basis. I know in my experience, I always really liked having cute notebooks, pens and bookmarks to use during school, so we wanted to design something that would be fun and appealing while featuring information that would educate and assist children in finding new ways to protect the ocean.

Each of us designed an animal character to be featured in the supplies. Each of these mascots had their own bookmark, pen, and planner page which included information on the animal’s life. We also wrote out tips and challenges in order to encourage kids to go out and explore their local beaches for small but effective ways of keeping the ocean and the creatures that inhabit it safe and healthy and happy.

Doing this project, and seeing all the other incredible projects from our classmates, was really inspiring. Through our own project, my team and I got to learn about certain animals native to Sarasota, including their eating habits, habitat, social habits, and predators, as well as simple ways we can help keep their home in tact. By seeing everyone else’s projects, we got to learn about topics we may not have known much about beforehand, like red tide and the damages of using too much plastic. Additionally, we got to see different kinds of artistic interpretations of these issues. I think this was the most interesting part of listening to everyone’s presentations. When you’re in classes that are all very specific to your major, you don’t really get to see much of what other students in other majors are learning, but it was really cool do see motion design, graphic design, illustration, game art and more applied to a mutual subject matter. I definitely agree with Karla when she said that more artists need to get involved in science and environmental activism! Art really does have a huge impact on how issues are communicated to the public, and I think doing this project really helped a lot of us realize this.


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