Overfishing of Sharks

Recently in class we were assigned to do a group project. The project is intended to be educational and make an audience a wear of an issue accruing in the environment. My group chose to base are project on the overfishing of sharks, so we thought that a coloring book would be a fun interactive way for young kids of the age eight and up to enjoy. The focuses of are book was based on these three topics, the importance of sharks, why sharks are being overfished, and what people can do to help solve the issue.

Sharks are important due to the fact that they are the apex predator, in other words they are like the lions of the jungle, the top dog. They help to limit the amount of other predators roam about in the ocean, and they keep the spread of disease and bacteria from spreading or occurring. Those reason alone should give you a major insight of just how import these creatures are to ocean and to people who consume fish.

Sadly the sharks are endanger. The main reason why they are endangered was highly surprising to me, I never would have guessed that us humans are the cause of the sharks endangerment. There is something called “finning, ” which is simply just de-finning of the sharks. This has become a major problem for the sharks. Mostly in Asia finning is occurring , because there is a delicacy called shark fin soup. Just a few weeks ago I was watching the travel channel and saw Andrew Zimmerman chowing down on a massive bowl of shark fin soup, of course he loved it and of course I didn’t think anything of it untill I did research for this project.

However there are multiple ways to help resolve these issues. There are many websites that are trying to encourage people to save the sharks and put an end to shark finning. These websites even come with contact information on how to report people who are putting sharks in harm or abusing them. Another major change is to not eat shark or support places who serve shark. This will help protest the people who are constantly finning sharks and make a change to one day end the overfishing of these apex predators.

After viewing photos and researching sharks, it is a sad reality of how many sharks are being finned. I encourage everyone to become educated in this matter and try to make a change for the good of the sharks.



One thought on “Overfishing of Sharks

  1. As a person who thoroughly enjoys sharks. shark finning is completely appauling. a tradition that comes at the sacrifice of an animal thats so important is pretty sad. as we learned from a few of the videos in class, the industry is self is starting to slip as public face becomes more and more known tot he general populace.

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