Outreach Project Coloring Book and a little observation about Recycling

queen trigger fish

As illustration students, we wanted our Outreach project to have to do with hands-on drawing. A suggestion was made that a coloring book would be a great idea for young children to interact with while learning. We added one fact about each animal on each page for the children to read while channeling their inner artist. There are a total of 20 species including animals and plants that are locally found, here, in Sarasota. Physical distribution would be at book stores, gift shops, museums, and classrooms. The coloring book pages can also be printed from home by parents or in school by teachers. We wanted to keep the project fairly simple for a younger audience. A suggestion was made to keep the lines simple and not so busy, I thought this was a great suggestion. I initially thought that it would be too simple and the species itself would not be recognizable in real life for the children, but I realize that having too many lines may even confuse the children when they’re coloring and giving them the artistic freedom is very important.

Many creative ideas were presented in class. My personal favorites were the Red Tide warning application and the Use Less Plastic project. The Red Tide application seems like it would be used in real life fairly often by beach-goers around the globe. I watched a short documentary about the plastic garbage patch when I was in middle school. I didn’t know that it was impossible to clean up and it makes me so sad to learn that it’s grown so large so fast. While we were discussing the use of plastic around the world, the topic of recycling came up.

Over summer vacation after my sophomore year of high school, I went to South Korea to visit family for the first time in six years. So many things have changed, but what I’ve noticed right away is the fact that it was so clean compared to six years ago. The roads and streets had basically no litter and the people are basically forced to recycle. When I went to go throw out the trash, I had noticed that my grandmother had sorted out the plastic, glass, paper, and food waste in separate boxes and bags. I went to go throw out the trash and this is exactly how everything was set up for the entire apartment complex: there was a bin for paper, glass, plastic, and food wastes. I went to my uncle’s house and it was the same. I also saw many people carrying a large bag with wheels to put their groceries in. This is probably because quite a large amount of people in Korea don’t own cars and take public transportation. This is also reducing the amount of overall plastic used in the country. It seemed like my family members were very comfortable with this system of recycling. Compared to the US, it was such a huge step forward for the environment.


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