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In a collaborative effort to disseminate environmental awareness and to promote the outdoors among the teenage population, my group members and I have produced an Instagram account dedicated to this purpose.

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We’ve planned a hypothetical activity, a scavenging hunt for at least 2 fauna and 2 flora species inherent to the mangrove ecology, employing Instagram, a popular social media tool even beyond the spectrum of adolescence (making the latter explanation quite redundant, but still…), to engage the popular with the outdoors as a means of encouraging people to explore and appreciate the world beyond the walls.

To win an “uber reward”, participants have to “spy and spot” and “sneak a shot” of a number of mangrove flora and fauna variety. Then, they will have to upload their “sweet takes” onto Instagram with an accurate descriptive caption of the subject and tag #mercyformangroves. The shot with the most likes garnered within the ambit of the aforementioned rules will be rewarded, for example, $100 and a full-year kayak rental coupon. The idea of that was to incentivize participants to share their takes and propagate the awareness and the spirit of nature as well as to inform the general masses of the mangrove kingdom. The event is posted on the Instagram page, which also functions as an informative platform, delivering a few doses of factual or pictorial mangrove or general nature posts frequently. The account would also have congenial brothers in other social media giants, such as Facebook and Twitter. And as for the division of labor, we’ve all chipped into the underpinning concept. Individually, I’ve handled the text aspect as well as designing the rules to win.

No doubt the product has room to grow here and there. Nonetheless, in general, I thought it was an interesting project, and the team did a killer job even under the duress of other course commitments. Nice work, guys!

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