A Sticker For Thought

Sharks StickerSharks Sticker 2

When brainstorming this idea, I wanted to create an educational tool that will raise awareness to a very important global issue. As a person from Hong Kong, shark finning has been a very large and controversial issue. The sharks are finned by removing all of their fins and dumped to the bottom of the sea, left to die slowly. Yet, the problem is that it is woven heavily into our culture, and those whom are unwilling to see the problem and solve the issue is rapidly causing a detriment towards the ecosystem. Due to the growth of social networking, it is easier to raise awareness of global issues and hence has caused a reduction in shark finning in certain areas. So my objective is to raise awareness of this global issue to the area of Sarasota.

Upon deciding the project, it was quickly decided that we would spread awareness through the means of designing various stickers. We decided of stickers due to the fact that it was an efficient method to appeal towards all age classes, and will generally have a longer life span than specifically designed games to raise awareness. Also, stickers have the potential to spread the word without the creator’s direct interaction, as it is dependent on where the user travels to spread the word.

When designing the sticker I decided to utilize a more graphic approach to portray the global issue. This is because it was a simple method to make the design more aesthetically pleasing, whilst reducing the violent nature of shark finning hence appealing to a wider range of audiences. I decided to color the fins of the shark different from the body to educate the user whilst the “STOP FINNING” text was to make the sticker simple and catchy. It was then decided that I would create two formats of the design, one rectangle and the other in the form of a circle. This is to increase the appeal of the sticker leaving a wider choice for the user. I believe the design of sticker came out looking very good, but there was certain problems that arose when printing the design, as the off-white background didn’t read well.

Overall, I believe that the sticker was an effective and efficient method towards raising awareness towards various global issues, not just shark finning. This is due to the fact that it can easily spread the message across, whilst being visually appealing towards a wide range of audiences. Besides the color printing issues, I believe the stickers were an effective method to raise awareness of shark finning in Sarasota. As we need the sharks to save the intricate webbing of the ecosystem.


One thought on “A Sticker For Thought

  1. I really like this stickers that you guys mad. It’s simple but shows really well what is point of this sticker. Coloring the fins to red, so we can see it’s emphasizing what you guys want to tell ” stop finning”. I always thought about shark is not that aggressive and dangerous animal, but people think they are dangerous because their appearance. They have sharp teeth which is looks really dangerous and their gills kind a looks like scar. because of those appearance people doesn’t care as much as they care about other sea animal like dolphins and seals which are looks cute and friendly. I hope people care more about shark and feel guilty about finning.

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