Uel: a red tide application

for our project. Steven Adams and I created an application for both students and teachers that will help in monitoring red tide around the state of Florida. the target audience of children is reached through the classroom. Teachers in costal areas and also any teacher educating students on environmental science can utilize the app to show students how red tide can effect nature and even themselves.

The app is an educational tool that is easy for anyone to use. You simply open the app to find out a ton of information on red tide. there is a tab where information about red tide can be discovered as well as an archive of news stories about red tide that is updated as things occur both around florida and around the world where red tide is an issue. Users can also search an area in florida and discover more information specific to that place. If someone were to search sarasota they could learn about the ares, the wildlife the red tide history and also see images and possibly videos relating to red tide events.

Teachers could easily get students involved in the app by assigning readings or asking them to find a news article through the app. they can base curriculum off of the information found in the app.

the app also includes current water conditions off of the coast. this can be useful for teachers also who maybe want to schedule a class trip since red tide can effect people exposed to it on shore. families can also use the app to find out if it’s a good beach day.

some suggestions for the app would be to integrate weather into it to create a more attractive reason for the everyday user to look at it. another suggestion was to create a paid professional version for people at places like NOAA to use to teach red tide trends and other information.

Uel copy


3 thoughts on “Uel: a red tide application

  1. This was a great project. You guys blew everyone away with you flawless design skills!! I hope you guys can get this to be a thing, it would be so helpful!

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