Outreach Project Reflection

Yesterday was very inspiring for me. I have always had a passion for the ocean as well as a healthy respect for it and its’ contents, trying to preserve it in any way I can. I often pick up trash I see when I go to the beach and try to get friends together to do the same. I loved seeing all the different projects that everyone came up with and I love how seriously everyone took this project. In high school my science class tried to do something similar to what we did here but no one took it seriously and it was very disappointing. To see so many people passionate about the ocean and trying to find ways to better not only our local ecosystem but globally as well was wonderful. I really enjoyed the project that incorporated school supplies and the one that helped promote the use of less plastic. i thought they were very well organized and very good ideas. I loved the designs for the school supplies and that they had little challenges on the planner pages. I feel it is very important to teach the new generation the importance of taking care of the planet and so targeting a younger age group was a really good idea. For the plastic project I loved that there were so many options to how to use less plastic bags. Rather than just saying “use less plastic” on a poster there were products and activities to promote the idea. I also enjoyed the project where the guys pitched the app. I really had never heard about red tide before so not only was I watching an excellent project pitch but I got to learn about an entirely new topic. I found it interesting that red tide really only occurs in warm water climates and that it is very toxic causing paralysis when ingested. I had seen it in early september when I went to the beach but never had a clear idea of what it was. The whole idea was wondering thought out and the pitch was incredible. I loved how interactive the application could be and I really think that they should try to get a grant for it.

As for my own groups project I think after seeing other peoples ideas, we could really combine some of them to create an even better and more information product to be able to sell to a larger range of ages. I think a title and end page could have been added to make the project more presentable but overall I enjoyed the content inside the coloring book. In addition to the creating of the coloring book, I really loved learning about all these different species that are in the same area as we live in here. I honestly did not know how many species inhabited the county of Sarasota.

I hope that everyone got to take a look at what my group and I created. I think overall we did a good job and everyone else did as well.


2 thoughts on “Outreach Project Reflection

  1. First and foremost, thank you for the kind compliment regarding our groups’ plastic-free project! It’s so important to engage children with a “hands-on” approach. Simply demanding that they care for the oceans or use less plastic is not enough. They need to visualize, participate, and create. And this not only applies to young minds, but people of all ages. Rather than be verbally instructed to take care of the planet, I enjoy visual examples, activities, and projects that help me learn more. So I completely agree that this class project was a great way to brainstorm public outreach. All of the groups had great ideas on how to educate society in creative ways, and I would love to see them become actual programs!

    Your group’s coloring book was a great idea, and even as a college student, I still love coloring. Who says coloring books are limited to elementary school kids? I remember loving “activity” books as a kid; they incorporated not only coloring pages, but mazes, puzzles, word games, and similar projects as well. I think these activities could be a great addition to your coloring book. Maybe a crossword puzzle in which kids must circle Sarasota wildlife. Maybe a “what’s wrong with this picture?” where kids have to find environmental problems (like people littering or marine animals trapped in plastic). These would provide a variety of learning experiences for young minds, and would be really fun as well!


  2. I agree with Brenna! More adults should color….it is actually really relaxing. And, for real change to happen people need to feel connected to a community and to each other. Getting kids engaged is a great place to start—-and it seems to be easier with the younger kids. The difficulty seems to be with adults who are sometimes stuck in their ways and their belief systems.

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