Spring is in the air spring is everywhere, MY GOD ITS EVERYWHERE

So around this time of year, spring is fastly on the rise with the arrival of flowering bodies and plants of many description. I’ve only gotten to go through 2 florida spring times but for the last some odd years I’ve had to suffer through Atlanta springs. Don’t get my wrong Atlanta is beautiful in the spring, for a week it’s the perfect temperature in between 70s and the dogwoods all bloom and it’s a very gorgeous site to see but atlanta is also home to one of the worst pollen counts in the world. 041213_pollen_BG

we are talking nasty levels of pollen. with the highest pollen count in the world atlanta suffers from a very…healthy plant and flora body but a pervasive pre-sense of yellow. it gets everywhere, even getting to the point were it gets caught up in the water cycle turning relatively color free water in to a gross yellow haze.

the count this year this past march has gone from 1,000 to close to 4,054. now I have no real gauge of what is high or what is not high when it comes to pollen but there seems to be something actively affecting to make the plants germinate this much. I don’t know it has something to do with human cultivation but it defiantly affects us. not in  some catastrophic way mind you but it defiantly does make going outside all the more of a hassle

I just wanted to bring this to attention because of how odd this event is every year. It will take a bit more research to figure out why exactly is this happening.

and now for a few gross pictures of atlanta

440087060_37c691cf85_zPollen2013 9a2a2_130418120622-pollen-steps-shorter-vertical-gallery



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