Orange Blossom Community Garden

images During Freshman orientation we were given a list of places to sign up and volunteer for a day. I honestly didn’t know what most of the places were on the list so I chose the Orange blossom Community Garden, mainly because my favorite color is orange so it automatically stood out to me. The day of the volunteer workshop I got on the bus and was taken a short bus ride up the road to a place that didn’t look that appealing at first glance. It was a large garden, nothing like the botanical gardens which I pictured in my head it would be like, but just a garden. I got off the bus ready to work and anxious to help. I didn’t know what exactly we would be helping with at first, but I was optimistic. They began by taking us on a tour through the garden, showing us all their different vegetables, fruits, and herbs. They even showed us there big barrels of worms, which apparently help fertilize the dirt. I was surprised of how much produce they were growing considering the ground was so dry and the air was so humid. I noticed right away when the owners of the community garden began talking to us that they were so thrilled to have us students come out and help. I also noticed how passionate they were about there garden, which really inspired me. They had us break into groups and do various tasks throughout the garden. some people helped build a rainbow dome for the children’s garden, make mulch, pick worms, pick weeds, and dig dirt. As a hobby I love to cook, I like using fresh and organic fruits and vegetables when I’m cooking. Even though the garden wasn’t what I was expecting, it turned out to be a great experience and I learned a lot. When I have my own home I plan to grow my own garden so I can incorporate my own produce into my cooking. I too want to be apart of making the world a greener place. The Orange Blossom Community Garden isn’t just there to grow produce, what they are doing for the community itself is what’s so spectacular. Anyone can go and start growing a garden in their own little space at the community gardens, but when I was there I noticed that a group of young kids came and helped out as well in the gardens. I personally think that it’s great seeing young neighborhood kids outside and doing something so rewarding at a young age. I encourage anyone who is interested to go to Orange Ave and help out the community at the Orange Blossom Community Gardens, you will not regret it.55d04e9d5b71b0fd801b2c013500a97e1


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