Claire Nero Response to Science of Dogs

I have always loved dogs big or small but I have never taken the time to learn about where all these new breeds we have today came from. It’s no mystery that the dog originated from the wolf but I had no clue as to how loving creatures such as the pug, golden retriever, or even dalmatian came to grow from such hostile animals.

I found it a little disturbing that we, as a species, have so much control over what comes of another species. The fact that humans can play around with the genes of a dog to create their idea of a perfect pet is the act of playing God. We would not do such a thing to each other to create the perfect child would we? So why do we do it to dogs? And the results of all the experiments in creating the perfect pet leaves the mutts no one wants to take. What are to become of these rejects?

It’s interesting, however, that people have developed dog breeds for specific beneficial purposes such as that of the bore hunting breed at the beginning of the documentary. Rather than splicing genes to have a champion dog for a show, dogs are bred to fulfill certain needs that can be met by combining genes from different breeds. Yet it stumped me that one species could look similar to another yet act completely different. For example, the Dogo is calm with humans but unyielding with its prey. This particular breed can be compared to what we know today at the Pit Bull. The Pit Bull has similar characteristics to the Dogo but has been domesticated, yet is still feared as a violent breed of dog.


One thought on “Claire Nero Response to Science of Dogs

  1. As I raised it in my post, I wonder if man’s intervention in the genetics department of the canine breed can be considered as the dogs’ “natural” evolution. They are reacting to an element of their environment, which happen to be intelligent and autonomous: man. As the result of our needs, we domesticated canines and selectively bred them to become what they are today. So it can be said that their evolution is a consequence of our human intellect, which is acquired through eons of human evolution.

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