South Lido


“I can haz food??”

And just like that, the beauty of South Lido Beach was a little lost for me, but before I talk about that let’s back up.

South Lido Beach Park is quite a vast ecosystem. All kinds of wildlife exists there, not only animals, insects and fish, but also, by large, plants of different sizes and shapes. You can walk along the beach and have a pleasant view of Siesta Keys, or you can walk down the trail in the forest part of the park. It’s rather inviting Trail and there is just something about the trail that makes you stop and think. And that is exactly what happened, I was walking along the trail seeing many different things: fallen trees, dead trees, small marshes, dried up marshes, low hanging trees…even trash. But the most beautiful thing of all, was when I stopped near a dead log and found this pretty little flower.Flower Behind it were probably two or three others like it but there it was, all alone just soaking in some of the sun that actually made it through the overhanging trees above. Now that I think about it, the location of the flower was contradicting – considering that around it there was a little but of trash. People disrespect nature, and leave their waste on the ground. Ironically, across from the flower was a trash can.

This is what took away some of the beauty to me. People, and their lack of perception and respect for what they are given. Granted, beauty isn’t always seen as the same thing in everyone’s eyes, but why be so ignorant about it. We all live in the same living room – Earth.

By the end of the walk, I had seen many things: plants, animals, fish, dead baby sharks, trash. And then one of the saddest things that could end the journey happened. Two Raccoons came out of the park and onto the road, drinking water and rummage near the trash for food.CoonCoon3 I got really close to one of them, called it to me and sadly, it thought I had food. Every time it turned away, I whistled for it to turn around, it turned around, sat down, and then proceeded to walk up to me as if I had food.CoonCoon

All in all, it was a very fun and eventful trip. I just wish that people would work together to be more mindful of our ecosystems and all the life maintained within.


6 thoughts on “South Lido

  1. I also thought South Lido beach was beautiful, but its distracting when there is trash just laying around and its upsetting because I’m sure that its harmful to the environment where all these living things live. I’m sure the Raccoons in South Lido Beach are the only living things in that area who appreciate the trash and your pictures capture that perfectly.

  2. It is incredible to see the ecosystem and the vast wildlife that exists in Sarasota. Sometimes we walk by next to all this amazing plants and animals and we don’t even notice how beautiful they are.

    I think that your pictures are amazing. My favorite was the little white flower. It looks very delicate and it is a small thing that most of all didn’t even notice.
    Thank you for sharing the picture! It is very beautiful.

    I did see all the trash that you were talking about, the beer bottles and wraps … I agree with you people disrespect nature and they don’t care where they throw their food or waste.
    I don’t agree with throwing trash anywhere besides the trashcan. It is hard to make everyone understand the importance of having a clean environment… I think that with our example of throwing trash into the trashcan may show everyone else that we care about our environment and maybe they will copy our example and start doing the same thing. ☺

    -Maria A.

  3. Very good selection of photos! Some very nice selection of composition. The photo of the flower is very beautiful, but the raccoon is my favorite as it’s just too cute.

    It is rather depressing to see the trash around the beach, though with that said I must say that it isn’t in dire condition, nothing a little volunteering can’t solve. I enjoyed the fact that I was able to observe how nature’s ecosystem interacts with mankind’s materials. The picture with the raccoon rummaging around the rubbish bins clearly illustrates this duality of lifestyles, yet at the same time how some animals have dappled to living in a more urban situation.

    I believe one thing that can rectify this excess rubbish issue is to perhaps incorporate more rubbish bins around the area. Even signs to remind people the importance of sustaining our ecosystem.

  4. Your whole post stood out on the page, i liked the range of photos and it is incredible how the raccoon responded to your whistling. I know raccoons can attack so i was fascinated at how used to humans these are. This is something i have noticed multiple times when visiting south lido is that these raccoons have made this area their home, most live off the food in the garbage cans after long days on the beach.
    These raccoons have been used to human interaction, and mostly run around the play ground and barbecue areas due to the large number of trash cans.
    I completely agree on the fact that people disrespect the environment way too much and take it for granted we are given this beautiful area that has such vast ecosystems and wildlife yet we slowly destroy it with pollution and garbage.

  5. The fact that you began your blog post with a picture of a raccoon begging for food intrigued me to read more and see what this business was all about. I can’t believe the raccoon reacted to your whistling towards him, the intelligence of that species brings me to tears laughing (when funny videos of such are posted) and leaves me scratching my head in wonder.
    I enjoyed that you gave an overview of South Lido Park, of the unexplored wilderness we did not get to touch as a class. It has inspired me to go back and see all that I missed before

  6. I thoroughly enjoy the caption underneath the photo of the raccoon. The pictures that you took are beautiful and I agree with you on the fact that people don’t really think much about how much damage they’re actually doing by being careless. I always try to hold onto my trash until I can find a trash can or recycling bin. It would also be helpful to remind those around us that maintaining nature as best we can is beneficial for not only everything in nature, but mankind as well. Though mankind was once a part of nature, it seems that now it’s a term that is opposite of nature. Maybe it’s because I associate the word with tall buildings and civilization. It’s interesting that the raccoon responded to your whistling as if you were telling it that you had food.

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