South Lido Park

I love south lido and in the past 4 years that i have been living in sarasota i have been frequently visiting south lido. I love the nature walks as well as the beach and the hidden mangroves in and at the end of the beach itself where it breaks up into small tunnels. We found the outer shell of a sea urchin on the walk itself. I have actually grown up in an area of the indian ocean where there are thousands of urchins along the ocean floor.

Urchin’s roam the floors of the ocean, and although painful if stepped on, they are the preffered food for multiple animals and fish as well as a delacassy in many parts of the world including the greek islands. I would guess that the shell we came across was broken by a predator. Sea urchins have interesting anatomy as there outer body is known as an aboral surface. The spines help protect it from predators trying to break through to the meat inside. the base that they constantly rest on is their mouth where they feed off bacteria on the ocean floor.

When they die their shells harden to these beautiful calcified shells that show where the spines once were. On the beach i collected one and as you can see in the picture the center is missing which is where their soft spot is.

Photo by Irene rofail

Photo by Irene rofail

National geographic

National Geographic


3 thoughts on “South Lido Park

  1. Even though it sounds strange, dead sea urchins look really beautiful as those calcified shells. They almost resemble an abstract art sculpture. It kind of reminds me of how coral reefs are built up from the skeletons of other corals.

  2. I think that South Lido beach is very pretty! I’ve been living in Sarasota for 3 years now and sadly I haven’t been able to visit that frequently south lido, but after this trip I definitely want to go there more often.

    I have never stepped on a sea urchin before, but it was very interesting to see the inside of it.
    I totally agree with you that it was probably a predator who broke the sea urchin; or maybe someone stepped on it and broke it. (and probably hurt his foot if they were not wearing shoes).
    I love how everything is there for a purpose in the species (for example the spines that the urchin has to protect himself from the predators) and the mouth where they fee themselves.

    That is a very cool picture of the Urchin that you collected!!!

    -Maria A.

  3. Yes, I too think that the beach was a sight to behold. Growing up in the city, the beaches weren’t even close to being as clean as South Lido beach. It is certainly a place in which I would like to visit more often

    Getting to examine the ecosystem around the area was also a very intriguing aspect of the field trip, certainly the sea urchin sea on the beach was very interesting and is something I would never expect to be part of a birds diet.

    It was a good thing I was wearing shoes, because the spikes on the sea urchin like they hurt, overall it was very interesting to see the various survival mechanics of different creatures.

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