~south lido


I had never explored the South Lido Beach Park before I would definitely go back and would recommend it to everyone it was a great experience a different scene from lido beach which I feel is always busy especially this time of the year. You can definitely get away and be at peace with your own ideas there. It seems like a magical place to go kayaking or paddle boarding as well!

I was really saddened by the shark fishing we saw yes that kid was a superstar- yet to me it seemed so wrong! I looked up regulations for Florida sharks I mainly was concerned about the ones we saw; I believe they were bonnet heads? I sadly found out that the bonnet head isn’t a species that is protected nor is the blacknose, blacktip, finetooth and smooth dogfish. The protected shark species lists consist of at least twenty-five different species including the tiger shark and the great hammerhead shark. Fishermen are aloud a daily limit of one shark per day each or two sharks per fishing vessel. Florida regulations prohibit catching sharks of most species if they are less than 54 inches. Because sharks like the bonnet head are seen as abundant in near shore Florida waters. These regulations do not apply for them. People can easily eat bonnet heads but they are also marketed for crab bait. =(

(“Sharks.” Myfwc. Web.)

Abril Sicairos



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