Our trip to Lido

It was the second time in my life that I walked through the beach in boots and two sweaters, its really funny to picture someone dressed like that at the beach I think!

Usually when we think about going to the beach we think about swimsuits and sun and warm weather. So I feel that the cold weather gave a nice touch to the trip, it is very unique and it is different.

My favorite part was walking through the sand and looking at the shells and different rocks and plants that were on the shore. Every single shell is different and each one has a different patterns and textures and colors.

It is amazing of how you can hear and see many things at the beach. Lido beach is a beautiful place to visit. Walking and listening to the sound of the waves and the birds is so beautiful!

I think that watching the documentary about saving the ocean before this trip, was very helpful to me; because when I was at Lido I was thinking that I do want to help to save the ocean. It is part of the planet that we live in and we need to take care of it.I want other generations to be able to see and have fun at the beach like we all have.


Here is a picture of a sea shell I took at Lido. ^



Some bird footprints in the sand ^



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