Intruding on their habitat

Even though South Lido is very closed to and surrounded by urban areas I was very surprised by how much wildlife is there around. It’s also sad to see tho how we are destroying plants and animals around us, intruding in their habitat but I found it very interesting how it didn’t seem to bother their breeding. I grew up in a family very close to nature so we went hiking a lot when I was younger, and one of the first things my dad taught me was to observe nature instead of touching it. So for example if when we would sit down for a lunch in the middle of hiking we’d make sure it’s an area that doesn’t have any animals breeding. Here, in a much more urban environment we can BBQ right next to the strip of land that seabirds and turtles nest in, creating a completely different relationship between the animals and the people. It was also very good to see the mangroves and the tunnels of water towards the back of the beach, to see that these places are still untouched. All in all I think this is a very good example of having an environment as a fun weekend place for people to go to the beach, but also as a functioning breeding environment for the animals there.





2 thoughts on “Intruding on their habitat

  1. First of all i love that your pictures are taken analogue and not digital as it really reflects the same sort of non-symbiotic relationship with nature and technology. It is cool to hear about how you always made sure that when you stopped for lunch it was not a nesting spot for animals, it shows the sort of respect for the environment that we should all have. The urban lifestyle on the coastlines globally is similar lots of countries have receding shore lines due to industrialization, so this kind of reminds me of the impact we as humans have on nature and the lack of respect for it.

  2. I agree that this place is a haven for wildlife. Despite the omnipresent concrete country, South Lido Beach still has some nature in it. I feel that this is a good place for the urban folks to connect with the wilderness. I’m glad that the mangrove forest is under protection. It adds a little bit of nature to Sarasota.

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