Beach adventures

Just last week we took a short field trip to a near by beach (I don’t ask me which one because when it comes to sarasota I am not good with specific locatoins). now I’m no stranger to the beach, Not that I live near any but I’ve been to many different kinds, from more tropical areas like Jamaica and costa rica to stateside beaches areas like Jackly island or saint simons. I was a bit surprised to learn that florida beaches has mangroves. I thought those types of trees mainly stuck to warmer areas. I was pleasantly surprised to see a similar mangrove  ecosystem to the ones I save in costa rica. although I didn’t enjoy the same weather as to when I was in costa rica it was a nice site all the same.


look it’s a vicious gang of trees`~

I usually don’t notice the impact of seasons has on the sarasota ecosystem but walking around the beach on a pretty cold day. I could defiantly pick up a more slow down or maybe even a bit of a dead feel. I know any area were humans inhabit it not going to be filled to the brim with wild life but our short trip on the beach was a bit dry on the biodiversity side if you ask me. wither it was because of the weather, season or people it was just a lot more slow actioned than I was expecting.

although I really enjoyed the beach trip it self It was a bit lack luster for me. seeing as it was to cold to really go exploring I was more or less left to try to pick out visually in the distance a creature or to.


playing hide and go seek in here would be boss.


I thought this bird was gonna peck my eyes out if i got any closer…so i didn’t


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