South Lido Beach

I really enjoyed the trip except for that part where we met people who was fishing and caught couple tiny bonnethead sharks. I mean like they’re too small to be killed. Those people won’t benefit from killing those sharks either I think they should just let them go after they caught it.

_DSC1169 _DSC0988
As we walked along the trail me and Kevin found a lots of trashes and it’s kinda upset me because trash cans were everywhere along the trail and some people just can’t put it in there instead of throwing them out in the environment. That’s also one of the death causes for animal like the seagull and pelican, they ate those plastic trashes and unable to digest them. It’s just so inconsiderate of them!
Also I think by making this trail and let people come here we violated the natural a little. Those raccoons at the end of the trip is a good example, as you can see they’re not only not afraid of human but also comes close to us asking for food. We made them depends on human for food and I don’t think that’s a good thing it’s disrupt the nature’ cycle in a way.
I am glad that this beautiful place was not made into a resort for tourist since most of the time doing so mean destroying the natural environment of those animals to get space for human’s entertainment.
_DSC0978 _DSC0991


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