A Stroll on the Beach


The walk along South Lido Beach proved to have been both interesting and relaxing. The weather proved to be rather cold for a perfect walk down the beach, but there was an element of tranquility being away from all the classrooms and technology. Not only was the beach a rather stress relieving experience, but observing the wildlife that surrounds the beach was quite informative. It provided a visual reference towards the reasons of why the class of biodiversity exists, just actively observing our ecosystem and how it interacts with mankind was very informative.

So “stroll” may have not have painted the most accurate picture of what it was like walking down South Lido Beach for about 2 hours. The weather was freezing and was complemented with constant chilly breezes. Yet, despite the weather not really being the optimal temperature for a nice walk down the beach, being away from the computers, and hearing the roar of the ocean and walking on the soft sand, the environment provided a nice change of scenery. Not only was the trip a breath of fresh air, but it also gave a context towards the work and information within the actual biodiversity class itself.

Walking along the beach, and being alongside a rich and natural ecosystem (a heavy contrast towards the bustling city of Hong Kong, where I come from) was helpful in terms of getting a visual picture of how large and delicate our natural ecosystem is. From seeing sea urchin shells lying on the sandy shores, towards birds fishing in the river. It was also interesting to observe how impactful mankind’s influence towards the natural ecosystem is. From large boats carrying cranes, to kids fishing sharks (!).


Overall, the walk down South Lido Beach was an informative method in observing our ecosystem. It allowed me to investigate the impact of development in Sarasota and how it affects the ecosystem of the beach. Even though the weather wasn’t really the optimal time to walk down the beach, it was still stress relieving to be away from all the technology and classrooms.


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