The Stupidity of Mankind

When we watched the video about Sylvia Earl last week, I got really angry and upset about the human’s action toward the animal in the ocean. The way human treat nature and animals is just plain stupid. The population of marine animals in the last several decades has been decreased dramatically. For example, sharks have been hunted heavily just for their fin. Also coral reef was destroyed in many places to expand lands for resort for tourist. They could have done eco tour instead of those resort and the only reason they do it is because money. Human is pretty stupid with their idea of earning money from nature. You can’t just destroy nature to earn money for yourself, nature is where you also live! Human is just an animal, the fact that we granted intelligent doesn’t mean we can do whatever we want. Those people deluded themselves that they can afford anything in the world with money. No, you can’t recover nature with money, it would cost you more than the money you earned to return nature to its previous state before you destroyed it. You’re destroying the house you live in,do you do that at home? no, then why you do it with nature? it just upset me how stupid people can be sometimes.


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