The Big Blue

Last week in class, after watching the documentary, it got me thinking about traveling to the deepest part of the world. The challenger deep in the Marianna trench is about 7 miles (36,000 feet) down. I wanted to see more about how James Camron did it! I found out that it ended up taking him about 90 minutes just to get down to the bottom, sinking like a rock.

It is hard to really comprehend the size of the open ocean until you compare it to things that we can grasp. It was interesting to note that at about 12,000 feet (where the Titanic rests) he was not even half way and even if you inverted Mt. Everest would not hit the bottom of the trench!. it is commonly said that we know less about the oceans than we do the surface of the moon.

When researching more about Carmon’s dive, I found out that what he gathered from the bottom was that it was a very decollate place and he said it was “lunar” with no life. After spending 3 hours at the bottom it took him another hour to reach the surface again. It is impossible even after comparing the trench to things we can wrap our head around, to understand how much water actually covers our planet. But some people will try, after James Carmon’s dive it is reported that people like billionaire Richard Branson and a Google executive are building subs to take them to the depths as well. Something as small as one man going to the bottom of the ocean could attract the type of attention to shift awareness away from the skies and into the water.

mariana-trench-graphic-30812this photo from the National Geographic website shows the scale of the trench which is even deeper than the hight at which a commercial airplane flies!


One thought on “The Big Blue

  1. The ocean is a world of extremes, and is an arena for the bold and the ambitious to shatter and hold records upon records. We’ve covered about 5% of it and already it is incredibly formidable. Maybe there are trenches that shame the Mariana trench, and maybe there are hollow benthic caverns the size of the Karakoram mountain range, full of volcanic eruptions miles upon miles below. The ocean is just full of things that blow and will blow our minds.

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