The Death Of the Ocean

The documentary “Mission Blue” provides a captivating look at the life and times of Sylvia Earle, and her relentless efforts in ocean preservation. While documenting her life as a whole, this film also makes the viewer aware of the never-ending beauty of the ocean, and of the many travesties that are placing this beauty in jeopardy. One realizes that the ocean helps provide and protect our life on land, and without the ocean, our lives would be drastically affected. To neglect the ocean would be to neglect the earth as well, and in turn our lives; and while many individuals value their lives, they may not consider the ecosystem as a vital part of their survival here on earth.


I thought the documentary about Sylvia Earle was informative and interesting, but seemed to focus a great deal on her personal life. It began to be confusing as to whether the film was about informing viewers about how the ocean was being harmed, or about Sylvia Earle’s rise to fame and how she became the most prominent female figure in respective area of study. I suppose the documentary reaches it’s full potential if you care both about how the ocean is being polluted, and about the life of a celebrity in the field of marine biology. Still, the film did inform the viewer about the growing danger and peril the ocean and the creatures that inhabit it face. It seems that even though the ocean is a vital part of what helps the earth survive, humans do not take the time to help preserve the life that occupies the water around us. This is tragic, for the declining health of the oceanic ecosystem can no longer be ignored. If it continues to be neglected, the oceans of this earth may begin to cause more harm than benefit the lives of those who dwell on land.


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