the ‘Big Blue’

The ocean, in all it’s beauty and glory, is still and uncharted and unfamiliar zone for the human race. Even after all these years, we are nowhere near anywhere close to discovering everything there is to know about the Ocean. That is what this century is about: discovery and exploration.NOAA Exploration

Sylvia Earle is one of the many researchers who really cares about what we are doing to our Ocean. She’s gone as far as making “hope spots” around the world. Her goal, is to preserve the Oceanic ecosystem. Like her, that should be the goal of the human race i.e. everyone. Ninety percent of our oxygen comes from the water, the algae, the plants underneath that release it through their life cycle process.

It’s sickening to see how much our fish and coral reef population have declined in only a few decades.140619115135-great-barrier-reef-split-image-story-top In the video “Mission Blue” I remember the excitement on Sylvia’s face when she was on her way to a coral reef in a large hope zone. The disappointment and heartbreak was so overwhelming; I actually got a little teary.

It’s not about survival anymore. We can’t really expect to destroy not only the Oceans but our planet and then find a fix for it like nothing happened. We need to come up with some solid, sound ideas that will help us from making these mistakes in the future – possibly on future planets. We need to appreciate how much value this planet holds for us because if we don’t, then we will continue destroying nature and all of it’s beauty – without a second thought.


One thought on “the ‘Big Blue’

  1. Sylvia’s passion was definitely inspiring, I agree. Seeing her get so upset and emotional over the decline of sea life was really heartbreaking. I think it’s important that everybody try to have a similar point of view as Sylvia so that we can do what we can to reverse the damage we’ve done.

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