No Ocean, No Life


“No ocean, no life. No blue, no green. No ocean, no us.”

The Sylvia Earle documentary “Mission Blue” is a fascinating insight into our ocean’s declining ecosystem. It was effective at getting people to realize the critical state the ocean is at. It provides a realistic approach, by examining the various atrocities caused by modern technology, yet at the same time shows possible ways to write our wrong by showing the implementations of “hope spots”. What really made me interested by this documentary is how Sylvia Earle’s dedication towards her work has also affected her personal life.

In one of the opening moments of the documentary, it takes a moment to focus on the recent BP oil spill. I believe this was a very effective way in showing the extremities of how technology can negatively affect the ocean’s natural habitat. The documentary highlights various atrocities caused by mankind’s greed, such as the existence of shark finning. Shark fin soup has always been in part of Chinese culture, and it is a shame that most people have a disconnect between how it is made. Especially considering the fact that imitation shark fin soup, made from ingredients such as vermicelli or pork gelatin, tastes the same.

On the subject of shark fin, it is rather surprising to see that the demand for genuine shark fin soup has declined in China, “The ban on shark fin at state functions has cut deep into the market for this traditional but controversial delicacy, and given a major boost to a small but growing effort to take shark fin off the menu at restaurants across the country.” (Evans, 2014), this can also be due to high-profile chefs such as Gordon Ramsay supporting the “Bite-Back” foundation in hopes to prevent overfishing. It is sad that most people are unaware that overfishing a specific fish can lead towards drastic changes within the ocean’s ecosystem. Seeing Sylvia Earle’s childhood and how the ocean is vastly different to the one now, also illustrates the desperate times that are in need for change.

It was fascinating to see Sylvia Earle’s unwavering dedication towards her work, the feats that this scientist has accomplished was truly awe-inspiring. I also appreciate the fact that Earle has also given insight towards how her work has affected her personal life, both negatively and positively. It’s also the fact she truly loves what she is doing, hence I believe in her mind, the work that she is doing, is part of her life at a very young age. Sylvia Earle’s drive and passion towards her work, is something that I aspire towards and something that we can all truly learn from.


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