Ina from Alaska

Hi Everyone!

While watching the video in the class, I thought about this lady from Junou Alaska that was a huge inspiration for me. Her name is Ina and I met her in a trip to Juneau Alaska last summer. She was a guide in an excursion of Gastineau Guiding in Juneau. Ina planted a seed in all of us the tourists, to really love the environment and to respect the animals, specially the whales.

I’ve never been an explorer, as I said in class in Guatemala we do have beautiful jungles and lakes but they are really far away from the city and that I don’t go too often. Meeting Ina was learning a different perspective on how I saw the environment.

I learned that the women in Alaska were very strong. They stood up for themselves, many of them own their own boat and they were very good at fishing and outdoor activities. For me this is pretty cool because we are not used to see that. Ina was like that, she knew how to guide everyone into the forest, she could find whales and named them and also she was very good knowing everything about Alaska scenarios.

Honestly I learned more about nature and animals from that tour than from any biology book.  I fell in love with Alaska scenario and animals. We need to save our planet, there is an amazing world outside and we need to take care of it. We need more people like Ina and the marine biologist from the video that will show us the world’s wonders.


This is a picture I took of Ina while she was explaining the ecosystem and how everything works in Juneau Alaska. It is amazing of how everything works together and how important it is to have an specific order and structure!



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