Keystone species

After learning the term keystone species in class I wasn’t quite sure I knew what that meant. I thought a keystone species was  a creature that was a universal food source or something that started off the food chain. Like how algea are super important to  a lot of ocean ecosystems. further research enlightened me on what specifically counts as a keystone species and how the term is a lot boarder than previous concluded.

Keystone species have a wide laundry list to choose from everything from star fish to sea otters fall under key species. the qualifications of being one only consign to a species is that the species in questions affect on the ecosystem is easily measureable and their disappearence would heavily damage the habitat around them.

my favorite from the list are jaguars, excusing the fact I really like a lot of large predators *cough cough hyenas are the best*

knowing that such a powerful predator like a jaugar is such a keystone species is really interesting. I enjoy predators that aren’t picky when it comes to their diet and there open diet leads them to keeping populations in check and keeping the surrounding wild life healthy and diverse. It also makes me pretty upset that we don’t find the importance of something like a the jauguar until we look at it’s shaven numbers and realize how through human error we’ve down more damage to the ecosystem than we realize. I guess in terms of species like this, it’s like one of those can displays you see in the super marker. people take cans from the bottom with out realizing their chipping away at the support of the entire structure, and before to long the entire massive display can’t support it self anymore.

It’s interesting to know what small species (or large ones) or species that we take for granted can hold such a strong positiont in the food chain or the natural ecosystem of the enviorment around them. the more we learn about the world and ecosystem around us the more we find out just how interwoven things are with each other. I remember one of the videos we watched refurred to evolution being an arms race between predator and prey, and in many ways that seems to be true but in many other ways theres a duality between the balance of the hunter and the hunted.


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