Loosing Genetic Variability Response

Perri Specter



I find it interesting how there are so many possibilities for genetic information to be altered by genetic drifts and bottleneck effects. I learned a lot from class last Thursday, such as how a whole species can change in just a couple squashes of the foot. This is probably why there are so many species on the planet because there are always either environmental causes to genetic mutation and/or humanities purposefully effective actions that leads a species to either harm or harmony. And even the environmental causes are linked back to what us humans have established on Earth (factories, landmines, and many other forms of pollution that affect the Earth’s environment) Even though species have been negatively affected by our establishments, one can also say that we have greatly impacted the species on this planet positively.

By passing laws that allows a certain genome to continue living on properly greatly impacts their survival. For example, from my own experience wolf tracking in Idaho a couple summers ago, I was informed that they only recently started passing strict laws on hunting/and or shooting wolves; even the wolves that come into contact with a human’s farm. There are only about 700 of them right now and are becoming very scarce in numbers. However, these movements that we are creating (passing laws, protesting, organizations) are changing the prosperity rate of the wolf populations.

There’s always two sides of an argument; and in this case, I think we (the human race) are actively siding with our very different kind of relatives roaming the Earth with us since ancient times. Even the uneducated know that animals are beings we should be protecting and not destroying.


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