Sci-Fi Evolution

Where did we come from? What is our origin? I started thinking about evolution at a very young age. When I was still in elementary school, my father being the Sci-Fi junkie that he is, showed me the movie 2001: a Space Odyssey, which I immediately loved. In the beginning of the movie, our ancestors (at this point) are hominids (basically apes). The movie shows our “process of evolution” in which a super advanced group of beings send a black monolith to serve as a medium to test the apes with. They presumably do this with all early species to see if they are worthy of evolving. The apes were, because it shows one ape who was more intelligent than the others suddenly figuring out that he can use bones as tools to kill things with, facilitating their hunting process. Later on in the movie, human kind has created an outpost on the moon, and there they have found another one of these mysterious monoliths. They excavated it, and when the sunlight touched it, it sent a signal to the beings, letting them know that human kind had evolved to the point of reaching the moon.

I also read an article recently that made me think about its sequel, 2010: The Year We Make Contact. In one part of the sequel, humans send a probe down to Europa (one of Jupiter’s moons) and discover that there is chlorophyll. Later on in the movie, it shows the surface of Europa with another black monolith on it, evolving the icy surface into something that would be more habitable for creatures to live in, and to help life develop there as well. So, I was very much intrigued when I read that NASA requested 30 million dollars for a mission to Europa. I immediately thought of this series and started hoping that we find something interesting on Europa and wondered about possible future inhabitants of Europa.

It’s an interesting concept to toy around with. The chance that there might be some highly advanced beings watching us like some kind of elaborate science experiment is fascinating, even if it is far fetched. It reminds me of how we humans study the earth and everything that lives here.


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