We watched video in class and it was so interesting. After I watched that video, I searched about evolution of animals. I saw a very interesting sentence. “If we eat nothing from now, how long can we endure?” We can endure 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food. But, crocodiles can live more than a year without food. What is different between two? The reason is that we are the warm-blooded animals and crocodiles are the cold-blooded animals. The warm-blooded animals have to keep their temperature (body heat) and the cold-blooded animals do not have to keep their temperature (it depends on surrounding environment). This is why we cannot live without food, because we have to eat and burn it to keep on 36.5 degree, like a brazier. Like this, all the animals evolved under the given conditions (environments). There are more examples about evolution. Giraffes have a long neck to eat leafs, chameleons can change their body color to protect themselves from other animals and camels have long eyelashes to protect their eyes in desert. Then we can find an example with people too. Nowadays, many newborn babies have long eyelashes. Many people think the reason is the air pollution and fine dusts in air. I think the examples of evolution are so amazing.


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