Why The Woolly Mammoths Matter

baby mammoth carcass

The subject of tampering with our natural evolution is certainly a controversial topic. It is not something that could be concluded nor fully comprehended in a few paragraphs, regardless I am here to provide a my personal outlook towards why the “revival” of Woolly Mammoths matter. There is certain a distaste within altering the effects of nature, by bringing in an already extinct creature back into our habitat, could provide more problems than solutions. approaching this with a less negative outlook, there can be potential benefits towards understanding nature itself, whilst potentially paving way towards large advancements in technology.

Harnessing the ideal of cloning, or in this case, bringing something back to life, it is this level of intellect that separates humankind from other species. Without delving into specifics within of how it works, as I am not qualified nor do not want this post ending up to be a research paper; it isn’t so much as fully creating a living organism from thin air. Rather, it is though altering an elephants genetic structure to have traits similar of that of a Woolly Mammoth. Should this experiment succeed, it will pave way towards understanding more about our past, whilst the research could possibly influence the innovation of other technologies. Perhaps further innovating upon organ cloning, whilst understanding and rectifying any of the drawbacks. In my opinion, we shouldn’t deny the or disregard the importance of these research. The end justifies the means, in this case, the fear of tampering with nature, perhaps is hindering on future advancements that can benefit in creating potential ideas that may aid in sustaining mother nature itself.

I tend to get jealous when seeing scientists discovering something new, something that expands the horizons of mankind. As an artist, I tend to work in the realms and limits of my own imagination, whilst taking inspiration from existing ideas and concepts. It is exciting to see that there is people out there dedicated towards further discovering something mankind has never heard of. These newfound knowledge can influence society matter a in various ways, whether intended or not, and shouldn’t be taken lightly or disregarded due to the uncertainty of change.

Picture bibliography: Sample, Ian. Web. 5 Feb. 2015. <http://www.theguardian.com/science/2013/jul/31/woolly-mammoth-dna-cloning&gt;.


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