The Benefits of a Woolly Coat

What are the benefits of a woolly coat two years ago a Woolly Mammoth was discovered in the Siberia Islands. This animal was well preserved and maintained blood samples as well as tissue samples. Through this discovery, scientists believe that they can clone a Woolly Mammoth by using an Asian Elephant due to the size ratio as the surrogate mother.


How is this helpful and how is it unhelpful. Scientists believe that having Woolly Mammoths back in the world could potentially stabilize the terrain in the higher Arctic regions. Meaning that they could mitigate the risk of permafrost melt. However, in order to do this, you first need to succeed at having a surrogate mother. Which could kill the Asian Elephant due to the size difference and the incubation period. A woolly Mammoth takes a lot longer to incubate than a regular Elephant. Not to mention that the Asian Elephant is already at risk of going extinct. Also to even have a potential change in the terrain of the Arctic, it would take hundreds of thousands of Woolly Mammoths to do so. Which is a lot of surrogate mothers and a large amount of Asian Elephants.

To be honest, I always thought that the point of cloning was to get to a point where you could clone organs for heart transplants, kidney transplants, or even spinal repair. I thought that through these discoveries we would be able to cure cancer, make people walk, see, hear, and be free to live again. What happened to this side of cloning? What happen to the idea of being able to cure disease?


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