Evolution and Opinions

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Hi everyone,

After last class I realized that there are many opinions about evolution and how men was created. I feel that this topic can usually cause conflict and discussion between people. Our beliefs and what we have been taught since we were little kids influence our thoughts as well as what theory we defend.

As we get older, we start learning in school different theories, we learn about Darwin and other scientist who have evolutionary theories and conduct experiments to prove how organisms evolve from each other.  As human beings we have the capacity of reasoning and use our intelligence to construct our own beliefs based on what we see and from our past experiences.

If we compare ourselves with other organisms we can see that we are extraordinary. We may not have all of the genes that other organisms have and we may not even have the most complicated structure… but in the one we have, we are able to think and reason and with this and many other characteristics we are on top of every other living thing on Earth.

Personally I think that the problem is not the evolution theory but evolutionism as a theory.  Evolutionism is a belief that organisms inherently improve themselves through progressive inherited change over time, and increase in complexity through evolution. It is understandable to think that Humans evolve from a different animal, but we need to remember the fact that the human being as a living organism can find its own place in evolution and creation. But one important point that I think many people are forgetting is that the human being’s essence can’t be reduced.

A man essence is not the same of the animal one. As humans we are able to reflect on our actions and we have the ability of self-criticism and this makes our freedom transcends any other living organisms.

It is important to remember that as humans we have dignity and we have this amazing ability that other organisms does not have which is reasoning and think and come up with logical solutions to the problems that we face every single day. Now it is true that there are basic needs that we share with other animals and organisms such as eat, sleep, we reproduce and we fight to survive… but we can see with experiments that the scientist have done with monkeys that humans have the ability to reason, learn, prevent and learn from our mistakes.  We have the ability to combine different knowledge, date and experience and create a complete different point of view and ideas.

Looking at this, I think that yes… evolution can be a part of this world, and some organisms do adapt and go through a genetic evolution, but I think that humans did not evolve from animals. We are amazing organisms and I feel that our essence will never change it gets better and we grow as individual and that’s great.

Bye see you all in class 🙂

-Maria Anleu


2 thoughts on “Evolution and Opinions

  1. I agree with you on many of the issues brought up and I appreciate the way you worded your statement. Most people would come out with guns blazing to defend one side or the other. However, I enjoy that you stated “looking at this, I think that yes… evolution can be a part of this world, and some organisms do adapt and go through a genetic evolution, but I think that humans did not evolve from animals” because I share the similar belief.

  2. You seem to have a misconception of the word “theory,” In its original context “theory” refers to the study of something, like music theory, color theory, quantum theory. The common use is closer in meaning to hypothesis, and is not used this way in a scientific context.
    Humans did evolve from animals because we are still animals. We share 98.7% of our DNA with primates, with a difference of one chromosome, known as chromosome number 2, which came from the fusion of two separate chromosomes in our ancestors. This is backed up by the Linnaean taxonomy, phylogenetics, and the fossil record which contains millions of fossils.
    And as far as Humans being extraordinary or transcendent, that is a matter of opinion.
    The only time transcendence ever appears in scientific literacy is in Kohlberg’s stages of moral development, being the seventh and final stage that few have ever achieved. Unfortunately, Kohlberg died before he fully understood it.
    Self criticism is another form of learning, which most intelligent life can do. Dogs, cats, dolphins, pigs, and birds may also capable of this, I don’t know I’ve never asked them.

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